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Bring more traffic to your website, by using rich snippets. Here are the 7 best Schema plugins to add to your WordPress.

You can overpower your competitors and stand out by using Schema Plugins. Let us study more about Schema Plugins and their usage.

Schema Plugins: What Are They?

As you are aware, WordPress is an extremely user-friendly content management system (CMS) that offers users robustness and versatility. One way they accomplish it is by allowing users to add plugins to the platform’s built-in functionality.

Schema plugins, as the name implies, are extensions created especially to assist you with the laborious process of adding schema markup to your WordPress website.

How to Find the Schema Plugin That’s Right for You?

Your website will benefit from rich snippets and schema markup as they improve its SEO, enhance its aesthetics, and encourage visitors to click the links you provide. The assist you in standing out in a sea of competitors.

Now the question is, How then can you decide which is best for you?

Just determine what you need, and it’s easy.

Do you have a straightforward website that doesn’t need intricate rich snippets? Then  Pick a user-friendly, free plugin. Have you established five websites and blogs as an affiliate marketer? Then A plugin with the newest features is worth the cost.

When you have selected and installed the appropriate plugin, you’re ready to use an effective tool that will dramatically increase your click-through rate.

Here are the 7 best Schema Plugins for WordPress:

#1. WP SEO Structured Data Schema
#2. Schema Pro
#3. SNIP: Rich Snippet by WPBuddy
#4. WP Review Plugin
#5. Ultimate Blocks
#6. Schema App Structured Data
#7. WP Rich Snippets

Let us know about each plugin in detail and understand their features and pricing:

#1. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WP Meta Structured Data PluginThe WP SEO Structured Data Schema plugin is free and has all the essential components for rich snippets and schema markup. It supports a variety of schema kinds, including ratings, videos, events, and local companies.

Additionally, you may include things like geo-locations, names of people, company logos, descriptions of businesses, and more.

You can get access to WP SEO Structured Data Schema for free.

#2. Schema Pro

SChema Pro PluginWordPress schema markup plugin Schema Pro contains all the great features you could ask for.

All varieties of schema markup are supported by Schema Pro, which is also incredibly user-friendly and offers fantastic assistance to users.

Schema Pro has a lot more capabilities and is favored by many top developers in the world of digital marketing.

The cost starts at $59, or you may pay just $174 to receive all the goods, including the most widely used WordPress theme in the world, Astra Pro!

#3. SNIP: Rich Snippet by WPBuddySnip Schema Plugin

SNIP is a rich snippet plugin created especially for adding JSON-LD formatted snippets to your website.  Built-in structured data generator for WordPress, automated structured data markup, and many other features are included in SNIP.

For $77, you can purchase the Structured Data Plugin for WordPress from the Envato Market.

#4. WP Review Plugin

WP Review Schema PluginWP Review is a good plugin choice if you manage an e-commerce website.

This is so that you may interact more with product and service reviews and ratings as a consumer.

This plugin is fantastic if you write blogs because you can use it to rank and grade tools, programs, recipes, and anything else you evaluate. The least technically competent person can easily use schema markup thanks to WP review’s simple installation and configuration.

Personal sites cost $49 per year or $236 over their lifetime, Developer sites cost $149 per year or $596 over their lifetime, and Agency sites cost $299 per year or $1,196 over their lifetime.

#5. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blog Schema WordPress PluginThe primary purpose of the Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin by Ultimate Blocks is to expand the functionality of WordPress’s native Gutenberg page builder. This plugin provides some crucial features to add schema and other SEO-focused features, in addition to the flexibility to enable extra Gutenberg features.

It offers the user a variety of blocks to extend the functionality of Gutenberg and contains extra blocks to add schema markup.

Downloading and using this plugin from is free.

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#6. Schema App Structured Data

SChema App Structured DataThe Hunch Manifest team created the WordPress rich snippet plugin known as Schema App. 20+ 5-star reviews, over 10,000 active installations, and more.

The plugin comes pre-configured with support for 9 distinct Schema types, but the Pro version unlocks a wealth of additional options that make it much more than another Schema plugin.

The price of Schema & Structured Data begins at $30 per month. Pricing Schema App is a SaaS solution, unlike the other plugins we’ve covered here, and as such, charges monthly depending on the feature set according to your requirement. 

#7. WP Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets PluginsA paid plugin called WP Rich Snippets can help you add schema markup to your website. There are various extension add-ons and different schema types included with this plugin. You also have fantastic plugin support at your disposal.

It contains features like extensive documentation, translation readiness, and support for the majority of schema markup types, all with a simple setup.

The following payment plans are available for the premium plugin WP Rich Snippets:

Personal: $69 for a single site license

Additionally, $99 for 3 site licenses

Unlimited site licenses for professionals for $199.

Wrapping it up:

This concludes our list of the Top 7 Schema Markup Plugins.

This post is meant to help you in choosing the finest WordPress Rich Snippet plugin for your WordPress website. Your organic search rankings can increase as Rich Snippets become more prevalent in Google Search Results.

Which plugin are you selecting then? What Schema plugin do you prefer using? We seriously hope that you chose wisely based on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What does the WordPress schema plugin do?

Schema, also known as “Structured data” markup, is supplementary code that is applied to your page or post to provide search engines like Google with additional information about your page. This aids Google in accurately positioning it in their search, eliminating less pertinent results.

Q. What three types of database schema are there?

There are three different sorts of schema: logical, physical, and view. Logical Schema: This term refers to the database’s logical design. Physical Schema: This term refers to the database’s physical design. View Schema: This specifies the database’s design at the view level.

Q. Does Yoast have a schema?

Yoast SEO automatically includes Schema. For the majority of pages, the default Schema is adequate, but you can modify it as necessary. We also have additional elements that produce Schemas, such as our content blocks and other plugins like WooCommerce SEO and Local SEO.

Q. How many plugins should I use in WordPress?

Install as many WordPress plugins as required to manage your website and expand your company. A commercial website often has between 20 and 30 plugins, on average. This number can easily reach 50 or more if you’re using WordPress to its fullest extent and have access to a number of sophisticated features.

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